The Art of Making Out!

A book about the meaning of life, personal growth, and everything in between. This is the English translation of my first book "Hångla mer!". An opportunity for all of you that liked the Swedish book, to spread the word to friends and colleagues around the world. We're on a mission!
Price includes delivery in Sweden.
Pris: 180 kr inkl. moms och frakt

Do not read this book:

If you prefer pompous academic reasoning instead of
accurate observations in your everyday life.

If you long for “5 steps to ultimate success” or other quick
fix formulas which only aim to make life more linear than it
actually is.

If you believe that serious books must be dull and that being
bored is a prerequisite for being serious.

Read a few pages.

Said about The Art of Making Out:

“Klas  Hallberg is hip, smart, sharp, and fearless. Read this book if, like me, you love the unvarnished observations of a hard-core truth-teller."
Alan M. Webber, author, Rules of Thumb and founder of Fast Company

"After reading the book non-stop, I felt like I’ve been run over by a bus.  I’ve never read a book that been so entertaining and at the same time  delivering a clear and profound message.”

“This book changed my life.”

“The Art of Making Out is the most unerring book I've ever read. As if it was written just for me. Brilliant!”

“I couldn’t stop reading.”